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The Difference Between a Life Coach and a Therapist...

So you want you to get better but don't know where to start? A life coach or a therapist?

A life coach and a therapist are both in the business of transforming lives. The differences are in the level of education, training and approach based on the needs of their clients.

A life coach focuses on the future and a therapist focuses on the past. A life coach can help improve clients relationships, careers, day to day management and life skills. A coach can also help clients clarify goals, identify any emotional or mental blocks and then come up with strategies to overcome obstacles to achieve success. Life coaching is typically a more short term process whereas therapy can be ongoing. A therapist and a life coach often do many of the same things, but a therapist focuses more on mental health as well as analyzing their client's past as a guide for understanding current behaviors. Think of a therapist as the "why" and a life coach as the "how" to reach goals. While there are many similarities, a life coach can not treat mental illness and is not trained to do so. Yet, a life coach and a therapist can be a great team to equip their clients to be their best in every way!

I am a Certified Life Coach. I can empower you to set goals to transform your life. I have a wealth of experience, wisdom, knowledge, resources and tools to fill your "toolbox" along with any referrals you might need. I help people get better. There is nothing more exciting to me than watching you realize your full potential and set yourself free to live life to the fullest. This is YOUR time! What do you want to do with it? Let's do it!

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