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Next Pitch…

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

I have been watching my son play baseball for years. It is definitely a mental game. If you know baseball…baseball is life. Many analogies and symbolic meanings can be inferred through the game about life such as wins, losses, curveballs, striking out and making adjustments. But one that stands out the most was a parallel shared with me by my son about the people in our lives who are the critical naysayers. He said, “Those people are like the other dugout. They are always screaming trying to throw you off your game. You hear it, but you have to ignore it! “ Whether the ball hits the dirt, goes straight down the middle and goes yard or sits the batter down, it’s always readjusting for the next pitch! Much like life, no matter what happens or what negativity is hurled at you, make the adjustment and throw the next pitch! How do you reach your goals with so many obstacles and noise all around you? As they say in baseball, ”You gotta dig deep!” You must put new some tools in your toolbox, create strategies for overcoming set backs and a mindset to set you up for success! I can help.

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