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Does is it ever feel like everything is stacked against you? Is everywhere you turn a disaster zone, crisis or mounting problem? Do you ruminate and worry incessantly? Do you think you have been cursed and start asking, "why me?" or "what I am doing wrong?" We all go through times like this. I know I do. First it was COVID. Then, one day while taking down my Christmas decorations, I lost my balance. I fell against the rickety fence, went flying off the porch, hit the cement and crashed into my car. Later, that day the pipes burst under the kitchen sink. I told my kids I need to go cash in on some self care and went to get a facial. I must have been shook because I spilled my coffee all over the salon floor. Needless to say I was having a meltdown. I took an hour to relax. When I came home, I was stating the facts of my case to my kids. (Funny how when you raise your kids with lessons in faith, psychology, personal development and spirituality, you find out they have been listening and have gathered their own evidence in life." Each of them turned to me and presented their insights. My son said, "I hear a lot of I CAN'Ts in that, how about "I WILL'? My daughter (the scientist) talked to me about "homeostasis" (the state of balance within all physical systems needed for a body to function properly and survive...body levels are constantly adjusting in response to changes outside and inside the body. ) She went on to say that in the midst of constant change, it's a win to just to maintain homestatis. (She said it much better than I can.) I said, "okay I get it, when things are changing all around, take it back to basics." Another loved one reminded me of the "faith" tattoo sprawled across my arm. I was also led to my own conclusion by looking at the evidence. Most things I have been worried about have not come to pass. And, even when they did, I was taken care of. God provided and things have always worked out, somehow, someway. The God of my faith, you see He has a great track record of not only working things out, but working ALL things out for good. One of my favorite verses is Romans 8:28, " And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them (The VOICE.) My attitude adjustment lovingly prompted by my kids, reminded me of a few things. One, I am guilty of wavering faith in times of trouble. Two, faith is about staying strong and trusting even when things looked stacked. Lastly, look at the evidence. Although life is in session, I have been protected all along. Thank God I wasn't hospitalized with COVID. Thank God I didn't hit my head when I fell. Thank God my plumbing problem isn't a financial castatrophe. I am here to remind you..the evidence is all around. God is good. It's okay to have a moment of doubt, but start looking around and counting your blessings.

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