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You do not HAVE to...YOU GET TO!

I was speaking with my brilliant daughter who is in her Senior year of college, and she was explaining her challenging class schedule. She is taking three classes that were advised not to take at the same time because of the level of difficulty. Yet, she said was learning so much and enjoying it. She went on to tell me it is really hard and but then said, "but just like you and Dad always told me, I don't have to, I get to!" First of all, that was parenting moment of joy!!! There do come the days when you realize your kids have been listening, which is awesome! More importantly, this phrase she remembered is what is helping her push through to the finish line. So, it is with us, with, anything in life it is all about outlook. We can trudge through life or take on the challenge with gratitude. There is always a choice. You can have the most miserable job to do, yet if you approach with a good attitude, you will be better for it. You realize the discomfort you are enduring is a launching pad for greater things to come. When you wake up, you can dread the day and prolong it with negativity. Or you can greet the day with optimism and be open to all the possibilities! There are hard things to do, things we must do. But how will you do it? How will you see it? What are you learning where you are right now? Next time, you start to feel the urge to say, "ugh, I have to go to work, or I have to go to school" I dare you to proclaim, "I GET TO!" Watch how your energy and perspective changes. Attitude changes everything. I am excited for all of the things YOU GET TO DO today! Stay encouraged.

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