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You Can't Travel Without Moving...

Updated: Jan 26

My name is Jennifer Snyder. I am a Certified Life Coach and I specialize in personal growth development. I help my clients realize their full potential by identifying obstacles and setting manageable goals to achieve success. My clients range from artists, business professionals, coaches, musicians, realtors, people in recovery (and their families,) students, teachers, therapists to any individuals wanting to get busy and get better. One might seek life coaching for any area one seeks to experience breakthrough and freedom! Goal setting topics to include but not limited to; career exploration, confidence building, communication skills, grief recovery, 12 step recovery growth/life skills, relationships to learning to set healthy boundaries for limitless living. There is no goal too big or small. I would love to come alongside you to help set you free to flourish! And, more importantly to live authentically and unapologetically. Let's get moving! One step at a time. Individual and group sessions available. #lifecoaching #personalgrowth #move #goals #getbetter #letsgo

Jennifer Snyder~Franklin, Tennessee

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