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you can do HARD things...

Life is bitter sweet isn't it?

There are many good, wonderful and hard things.

Positivity, affirmations, self help, self care are all necessary ingredients to getting better.

But, it is okay to acknowledge and say, "LIFE IS HARD" right now. Let's just normalize this for a moment. Sometimes life is hard. Period. We do not want to use positivity to gloss over real hardships. Yes, there is tremendous growth through pain and suffering. Good can come out of any situation. But, the first step is to acknowledge the problem.

You may be facing difficulty in one or several areas of your life from finances, health, relationships, marriage, parenting, work, school, business, etc. Maybe this time of year resurfaces grief from the loss of a loved one or lonliness. Or perhaps you are struggling with an addiction, anxiety or depression. Hard things.

If you are reading this right now, you are still here and there is hope!

Acknowleding the problem removes the veil of denial. Then, comes the action. What will you do now? Which hard will you choose?

*Living one more day of addiction thinking you can manage it on your own? OR humbling yourself to ask for help.

*Staying stuck in anxiety or depression? OR humbling yourself to seek out a mental health professional?

*Seeking temporary pleasure in food or shopping only to add to the scale or drown in debt? OR surrendering to a plan of self control?

*Staying stuck in a dead end job, relationship/friendship/partnership because you are afraid of lonliness, confrontation or fear of the future? OR asking someone to come alongside you to hold you accountable.

Keeping "the family secret" and suffering in silence? OR finding a safe person to bring into the light where you can heal?

Never pursuing your dreams, goals or aspirations because you think it's too much or you are too old? OR living with regrets?

You can do hard things. You can heal. You can overcome. You can succeed. You can move from despair, lack, limitation to hope, abundance and freedom. The time is now!

Which hard will you choose?

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