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Work With What's Left...

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

We are living in a world that has suffered so much loss. I came across this pile of metal scraps and looked at it through my Lensball and what I saw was art! Some see trash, I see art amidst what is left. It is very important to grieve our losses. It is equally important to celebrate what is left. What can we do with the aftermath...the mess...the broken pieces? What can we do with what we have left? We can use our experiences, victories and challenges to make a masterpiece. If you look closely, these metal shavings are just as shiny as they were in tact as a whole, there is just more of them! In fact, all together the junk creates a mosaic of all the parts of us. Be encouraged. We can take what's left and find new ways to reinvent ourselves and find purpose again. Let's take inventory of what is left, set some goals and make something amazing.

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