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Who's At Your Table?

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Who is at your table? Who can you speak your truth to? Where do you serve up transparency and authenticity? Or who can you be yourself with? Who can you share your creative aspirations and passions with? When choosing your friends, a mentor, confidante, therapist or coach or a group, it is imperative that you feel safe. This may require a weekly reservation at the table with a therapist or coach, until you can learn to choose safe people to invite to your party. It is only when we can be vulnerable, we feel free to tell it. Being heard is one of the greatest desires of our hearts. It is at this table; we can take inventory of the ingredients we have or need to make our life sweet. There are lots of dishes on the menu to choose from. If one therapist or coach isn't "your cup of tea," move on. Being across the table from someone you can be completely honest with is liberating and healing. In turn, you not only become a safe person for others, but you are able to make better choices in the friends you choose to break bread with! There are many ways to find your people; whether it's joining a spiritual community, your church or temple, joining a gym, taking a class with people with similar interests,

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