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When Running from Grief is No Longer an Option: Confronting Your Pain Head-On with a GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

Updated: Jan 10

Hang on for the hope. But, we must deal with this...

Everyone has experienced grief to some degree. Loss of a loved one, relationship, friendship, job or livelyhood, the severity varies. Tragic sudden loss or a slow fade into the end, whatever the case, sometimes we do not know what to do with unbearable pain. There are resources that are obvious such as reaching out for help with a therapist or support group. But often times when feeling so broken one may turn to distractions or escape into alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, name it. Yet, every vice makes you feel more broken than the last one you tried. There is a time when it is survival mode and doing the best you can. We promote self care and temporary feel good soothers like getting a facial or massage or even treating yourself to something nice. These are all important yet can become a way to avoid the feelings that must be worked through. To quote another widow, she said, "Eventually $#!+ doesn't work!" All the things we do to pass time and help us momentarily forget our suffering no longer suppresses the lonliness of grief. If you have fallen into an addiction or an unhealthy relationship, then giving up those things also cause grief and then it's back to the original grief that you were trying to run from. Eventually the jig is up and one must look in the mirror and face it. The beauty of life and living it to the fullest involves risk. We are going to lose people, things, hopes and dreams...and it hurts like hell! That's the cost of living. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Acceptance and working through grief will lead to more health, abundance and joy. No one knows how they will respond to unimagineable fear, anxiety and heartbreak. This is where self love, grace and forgiveness comes in. Grief is not linear. It is a winding road with ups and downs. Have courage to take good look in the mirror and ask yourself, "what do I need now?" How can I get through this moment I am experiencing and make the most self loving choice that I will not regret?" If you have made mistakes, try another approach.

You are not alone and you can find hope, healing and support. The sooner the issues are confronted, the closer to coming out the other side where new beginnings await!

*My name is Jennifer. I am a certified life coach and I help people take small doable steps towards peace, joy, hope, freedom and new possibilities.

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