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New Year, New You, NOT!!! keep reading...

Updated: Jan 9

Happy New Year to all my clients, coworkers, friends and family! Here we are 2024! The holidays have come and gone. Some have post holidays blues as all the festivities and fun have dwindled back to real life and others for various reasons are thanking God it's over. It is traditional to wish someone a "Happy New Year" with a hopeful and fresh perspective that the old has gone, the new is here...a clean slate. Counting losses and wins, taking inventory of ourselves, the new year is a natural reflection point of reference. Yet, I have never been big on new year's resolutions. When we resolve or vow to change something about ourselves, it is done with good intention, yet somehow after the fire starts to sizzle out, we find ourselves falling back into old patterns and behaviors. Why? Because that thing we swear off is often an ongoing struggle. Let's use a safe example such as joining the gym and getting fit. Sounds great. Maybe we sign up and get all excited! Then, we try to do too much or to expect fast results only to get discouraged and quit. This can be relative to any addiction, behavior or personal development strategy we are working on. This is where coaching comes in! I am thrilled for you that you want to get free and make some positive changes for yourself! Happy New Year, New You...No! You are a continual beautiful work in progress. Just "KEEP GOING!" Keep showing up one day at a time and setting small doable achievable goals. Back to my gym example, how about deciding to just show up? Start small, maybe 30 minutes. (You can scroll the socials on the treadmill.) Or maybe you are battling an addiction, go online an find a support group. Credit card debt? Start paying down more on the card that has the highest interest. Dating? You want to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right? How about getting involved in a hobby where you can meet like minded people? Or is it boundaries? Start with journaling, get to know yourself, your yesses and your nos. Whatever it is you are working on your life, keep on keeping on. You do not have to do it alone. You might need a therapist, coach, mentor or accountability partner. Just start. Pick up the phone. Call someone and ask for support. Keep going!

*My name is Jennifer. I am a certified life coach. There is a coach for everyone. I am the coach that is BIG about small starts for great NEW beginnings with a realistic approach. You can read more about me at

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