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What if your "what if?" comes true? Loss of a job, loved one, marriage, relationship, dream, goal...if

What if the very thing you have been obsessing and worrying about happens? Now what? Now what do you do? Who, what, when, where? Crisis. Tragedy. Heartbreak. Yes. This is life on earth. Disappointments and pain are part of the human experience. My LH always used to say, "dying is a much a part of life as living is." Sounds ominous. Hang on. Hope is on the way.

I am here to tell you that all my years of worrying did not change the outcome. It did not prevent the life altering event that happened in my family. I worried and worried some more. Ruminating thoughts plagued me. I used to try to control everything, and everyone to keep them safe. Guess what? Life isn't safe. I lived a pretty sheltered life as wife-baseball/volleyball-part time teacher-mom. My circle was small. Then the unthinkable happened and life as I knew changed drastically! And, every day since then life has not felt safe. You know what I learned? Life is a daring adventure. It is a risk to love someone or to go after a dream or even step outside your door. Guess what else I learned? Many of the things I worried about did not come to pass.

This may sound strange but the fear of losing in some ways was worse than the loss. You can waste years of your life torturing yourself with your "what ifs?" I challenge you today to think some new thoughts. What if things work out better than you imagined? What if you decided to be grateful? What if you decided to live and enjoy the journey knowing that

there will be detours, delays and distractions? What if you embraced the challenges and allow them to grow you in ways that wouldn't be possible any other way?

What if you decided to live each day to the fullest and stayed open minded to new ideas? With every twist and turn this life takes you, maybe there is a purpose, a place or a person you are supposed to meet for a divine plan you are not yet aware of.

Flip the script!

"What if?"

What if something amazing happens?

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