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Indeed Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Dazzling, sparkling, magical...the Christmas lights, pumpkin spice lattes, holiday baking, shopping, decorating, family, friends and food, it is all so wonderfully intoxicating! Right?! But what if it is not so wonderful?What if your family is toxic and you dread this time of year? What if your life is not a picture perfect Christmas card? Maybe you lost a loved one or experiencing a painful divorce or break-up. Someone close to you may be in the throws of addiction or a life threatening illness. Perhaps you have strained relationships with your spouse or relatives. What if being in the same room with a certain person is so triggering? Or maybe you are wishing that Santa brings you that special someone as every Hallmark movie reminds you of your singleness? It might not all be this dramatic or extreme. But, let's face it. Life is much more exaggerated during the holidays season. Expectations are high. You might get caught up in all the excitement and completely check out until January or feel down just counting the days until it is over. This season can take a toll on our mental health, waistline and finances. But, what if you decided to just take it easy? How about finding ways to enjoy the season with who and what matters most? I encourage you to practice gratitude and good self care. Stay conscious. Manage expectations. Protect your peace by setting boundaries when you need to. Be intentional about how you want to invest your time. And, as you gaze at the twinkling Christmas trees, think of how you may be a light, love and a blessing to others. It may just turn out to be the most meaningful and wonderful time of the year! Stay encouraged my friends and reach out if you need to!

*My name is Jennifer. I am a certified life coach. Yes, I took the classes but most of what I know I have learned comes from personal life experience. If you are still here, there is a plan and a purpose. You can have a new beginning and make positive changes for good one small step at a time. And, I believe the best is yet to come.

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