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the leaves are CHANGING so CAN YOU!

Change your mind. Change your actions. Change your life! It is never ever too late to change your mind about any given situation or circumstance you find yourself in. You know the biggest telltale signs that my clients will make successful changes for the better? "WILLINGNESS" and "WANT TO!" These qualities coupled with feeling done with the same ole, same ole. Rock bottom...this is where I see hope and courage. There are some people who naturally desire to do what is right for them to help them be their best self. Then there are some who need to do research to find out what does not work. There are also many factors and/or blocks that stand in the way. These can be mental, emotional, spiritual or old beliefs that need to be dispelled. Abuse, addiction, trauma, dysfunctional childhood...there is always a path to healing. In coaching sessions, I can help identify these type of blocks but will also refer out to a psychologist or physician as needed. Yet, most often it is thought provoking questions that prompt my clients come to their own conclusions about what needs to change. Sometimes just speaking it out loud helps provide truth, clarity and conviction. From here we come up with a plan of small doable actions for the desired outcome. Once the plan is in place, I become a cheerleader and accountability partner for as long as one needs. Be encouraged. You change change if you want to! If you need a little jumpstart with coaching sessions, ask me how.

*My name is Jennifer Snyder. I am a certified life coach and I help people make changes for better. I have done a lot of changing myself and I know that the best is yet to come as long as we keep moving forward.*

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