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The gift is your presence....

You ever get to the end of the season only to find you were not able to check off all your Christmas gift list? You either ran out of time or money, something unexpected happened or maybe the season just escaped you? I know it did for me. Even some Amazon packages have been delayed due to inclement weather all over the country. It just hasn't gone as planned. This year has been a COVID Christmas for me. While I have recovered from the worst of it, I am struggling with lingering fatigue. My time, energy and attention span is temporarily very limited. I am very grateful for my kids being at home, helping and keeping me company. I have had my favorite mobile services come to do oil changes and car washes right in my driveway. I have hired grocery delivery right to my porch. I have also had wonderful care packages delivered to my door. So, I am getting through it. And, I have had a lot of time to think. I have been feeling bad because I couldn't do and be more this Christmas season. But, I have realized that it's not about the perfect gift wrapped in sparkling paper and bows, that's actually easy. What is more valuable? What is more of a sacrifice to give is your time, presence and energy especially when it is limited. If this is you this year, I encourage you to write an encouragement card, send a text, make a phone call, visit if you can. Do you have people in your life you haven't talked to in a very long time? It's been so long you don't know how to come back or where to start? What about a simple text? Start by saying "Hi!" and see what happens. People want connection. People want your presence. My favorite activities so far have been me laying on the couch resting and listening to the kids and few of their friends home from college cooking, doing art and catching up. The other was sitting at the park in the car with a loved one having coffee, and chat while listening to Christmas music because I had no energy to even get out of the car. While I have not been able to participate in any holiday parties, I have truly enjoyed the simplicity of season. Christmas is tomorrow. You still have time to pick up the phone and just bless someone with your presence, the gift of you!

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