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"The Customer Is Always Right!"

This one comes right out the vault of my own experience. One of my first jobs was in a restaurant. I worked for my sister who is a successful managing partner of a bustling Italian Cafe here in SoCal for many years. When I was a teenager working for her, I used to get mad and complain about impossible customers. Her reply, "The customer is always right!" and then made us all read the book, "The One Minute Manager." I think I also remember her telling me, "Never mess with someone's food or money" (facts!) She taught me that it doesn't matter what I think, I am to serve with a smile. Our job is to make customers happy, so they come back. I wrestled with these ideas as a teenager who wanted to be right! Yet this attitude has served me well for all my adult working life. I learned incredible people skills, how flex to other's communication styles, show compassion, identify needs and what it means to serve others. I also learned that when I was working for company to help realize their goals/dreams, whatever I did was actually a reflection of me and my work! The customers are happy, the boss is happy, and everyone still has a job! It's a win-win! Something has happened to our culture and this kind of mindset. There are some companies out there doing a good job but seems rare. I want to bring customer service back! Let me help. If you want to be the best or want to train your staff how to make everyone around them better, individual and group coaching sessions are available. #customerservice #goodbetterbest #career #goals #servicewithasmile #thecustomerisalwaysright

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