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The "B" word....

I don't mean that one! "B" is for...BOUNDARIES! There is a line where the sea meets the shore. It comes forward and retreats. Sometimes it crashes over and destroys everything in its way. But most of the time you can see the line, the separation. You can watch the waves peacefully come in and out. You can walk along the beach enjoying the salty, balmy air and dip your toes in the soft, wet sand. Or you can watch a beautiful sunset go to sleep over the water. You can take a swim, but you have to know where the bottom drops out and watch the currents.

So, it us with us. Boundaries are defining where one ends and the other begins. Boundaries are not just saying a hard "NO!" It is about making life affirming choices that give you freedom to be authentically you and liberates others to do the same. Establishing boundaries are a way of saying, "THIS IS WHO I AM!" This is what I want and need. This is what I will and will not do. This is how I want to feel. This is how I want to spend my precious time.

Many books have been written on the subject of boundaries where you can learn some valuable tools. You may need to seek a therapist to explore the "why" you have become a tidal wave in your own life or the lives of your loved ones. You may need to set limits on behaviors, substances and relationships. Boundaries are protective.

Practicing boundaries are challenging at first and often come off as aggressive. But once you have learned to act from a place of love and self-care, you can learn to be assertive. These boundaries become parameters to live within and create space for health, joy, abundance, peace, freedom and hope.

When asked, ask I have the resources? ...mentally, emotionally, physically financially? If I knew my time on this planet was coming to a close...where? what? who? how would I spend it?

Transparency about who you really are and what you really want will naturally design your life for your specific purpose, your people and the places you want to be.

Why waste another minute feeling unfulfilled, angry or resentful? Do the work. You are worth it. Create healthy boundaries for limitless living! This is your time. This is your life, and the time is now.

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