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Splashed with hope and healing...

What happens when a dog gets out of the water? It runs around wild, shakes off the water and gets everyone around them wet! The same is true of addiction, anger, and dsyfunction. When we or someone in our life is struggling this way it rips through relationships and families like a tsunami destroying everything in its path. Yet, the same is true of recovery, peace and healing! When one person gets help everyone around them not only gets drenched with hope, but often are liberated to do the same. There is a saying that goes,"It ran in the family until it ran into me!"meaning generational curses can be broken with us! Make that your motto. Decide to change for the better so you can make everyone around you better! It is never too late to change, get help, change course or set new goals. There are recovery groups that meet 24/7 online or in person, online therapy, life coaching and support groups of all kinds. I would love to come alongside you to help you set some new goals in any area in your life where you would like to get free!

*This picture is of my spotty dogs Bobby and Blossom running free and splashing in the lake. They have crossed the rainbow bridge and are truly missed. They were an example of how love, nurturing and boundaries can transform souls! They became a blessing to everyone they met.*

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