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Self Care=Super Power!

"A Lifeguard who doesn't swim, but jumps in to save another person".... a quote I heard from one of my wise mentors. This is a perfection illustration of "codependency." Ugh. A yucky word. Yet, some of us struggle with it, to put it more simply, we self debt and put the needs of others ahead of ours, to our detriment. Soon we come to the end of ourselves and have exhausted all of our resources. I preach the importance of getting out of ourselves and to "be of service" as an antidote to self absorption. It stands true. However, we can use serving others as a distraction and avoidance of what needs to be done in us. This is where a self care plan comes in. Setting self care goals, boundaries and strategies can set us up for success in any area of our lives whether it's emotional, mental, physical, spiritual or financial. Self care is how we get our power back for personal peace and tap into our super power! It not only empowers us, it liberates others to do the same! Let's get to work.

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