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Navigating Grief Through The Holidays...

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The first day of Fall. The changing colors of the leaves.

Spring gardens and the long days of summer are going to sleep.

You can almost smell cinnamon wafting through the air.

The crisp, cool air gets us excited to pull out our sweaters and boots. We adorn our homes with harvest decor, twinkle lights and burn our favorite scented candles. We cannot wait to get cozy with our Pumpkin Spice lattes and holiday movies. We start planning our family gatherings and write our holiday gift lists. It is the "most wonderful time of the year." Yet it is also a very difficult for many.

Loss of a loved one, a relationship, a job or even unmet goals...there are many grievances that are especially magnified during the holiday season. These unique times we are living in have brought more grief and discouragement due to the toll Covid has taken on life and livelihood. Many are still recovering and rebuilding their lives after the pandemic, but there is hope! There is purpose in all of this.

Learn to protect your peace and practice radical self-care! From setting boundaries with well-meaning people, being intentional about how much time you will spend and the daily tasks of can find hope and freedom.

Grief is a one-day-at-a-time process. You can learn to travel the parallel tracks of life. You can experience joy while still grieving, you can find hope in despair and overcome fear with faith. No matter what life brings, it does go on. There are deaths and births, endings and beginnings. All deserve to be honored. How do we navigate this? Let's map out a plan.

While I am not the poster child for grief, I can share some light on the subject. I can help you set some goals and share some tools for learning to live again. Everyone's grief story is unique, yet I can tell you this for sure; if you are still here there is a plan and purpose for your life!

*Individual and group sessions available. *

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