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Life Is A Gift...Unwrap It!

Life is a gift. Unwrap it everyday with an “attitude of gratitude.” Enjoy the presents but may you also experience "the presence" of God and the love of those around you. Be present! Don't miss it!

Here's some holiday life hacks from yours truly, your Life Coach. As we are anticipating family gatherings and hustling about with our holiday shopping…stress, anxiety and depression can creep in.

*With any invitation or request for participation ask yourself these questions?

Can I afford it physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and/or financially?

If the answer is no, consider saying, "no" in a loving way such as…“Thank you for the invitation. I won’t make it. I hope it is a wonderful celebration. Maybe we can visit on another day.” If you do go, how about setting a time limit for how long you will be there? Be fully present and engaging to make the most of your time.

*The holiday doesn’t have to be celebrated on just one day, spread out your visits with family and friends.

*Set boundaries for yourself for food, spirits and spending. This way you won’t have all the regret come January.

*Gift the gift of time. Make a coupon for a friend or a loved one giving them 1 to 2 hours of your time for anything they need help with.

*Find your joy. Do you like to tour to see Christmas decorations? Bake cookies? Watch Christmas movies? Make new traditions.

*Christmas lights are magical and the season is sparkly. Remember to work on your shine.

Stay lit by fanning the flames of your faith, physical/mental health and personal development.

*Ask for help if you need it. Reach out for yourself and reach out to others who might be struggling!

*Look at this season as an opportunity to “be of service” to others. Find a way to get out of yourself to bless others.

*Practice radical self care. You are worth it! Remember life is a gift and so are you...a beautiful package full of unique talents, abilities and blessings to share with the world!

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