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Just Start!

It doesn't matter where we start, what matters is that we start! Often, the stuff of life overwhelms to the point of paralysis. Take this stack of papers. We all have one. In the busyness of life, we open the mail, and shove it aside to deal with it later until the pile grows into a mountain we can not climb. Much like life, we put off things that must be dealt from the daily household chores of living to career, health, finances, relationships., etc. You name it...from the closet we need to clean, the career we desire, money we would like to save, a relationship we need to all starts with taking an action. Any action. One bag of clothes to donate, signing up for that class that brings us closer to the career we desire, looking at our budget or facing that conflict that caused division in our relationships. There are a number of underlying reasons we get stuck. Some can be addressed in life coaching to be identified as roadblocks to push through while others may need the help of a therapist to heal psychological traumas and/or address mental health/recovery issues. Whatever the case, action is the key. Pick up the phone! Small doable actions. Just pick up one piece of paper and deal with it. Research a class online. Vow to open that scary closet and fill one bag. Need to lose 20lbs? How about going for a walk today? Drink some more water. That strained relationship can't be repaired over night. Couples that have grown apart, resolve to not try to fix it all, just go on a date! Start again. If you woke up today, it's never too late to begin again. For some of us, depending on our life's challenges, getting out of bed is an accomplishment. Start where you are. Count your wins. Focus on your strengths. Manage your weaknesses. Ask for help. Who's pile of papers is this? Yours truly. Your Life Coach. After the sudden and tragic loss of my spouse, my world stopped and life became one treacherous mountain to climb after another. I was paraylzed. I had to learn to live all over again...starting with the basics. Each day my goal was to get up, put my feet on the floor and just do that. Fast forward to today, 3 years later. I am the Life Coach that understands how to take a BIG obstacle no matter what the goal is and break into manageable, bite size pieces. There is hope, there is healing, there are victories to come. Just start! #GOALS

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