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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

You remember the game "hide and go seek? This is the fun game we played as children. One covers their eyes, while the other counts "1-2-3-4-5... ready or not here I come?" Then you have to go seek the one that is hiding. So it is with our hearts and our personal growth.

You may have heard that anger is hiding or a disguise for more vulnerable emotions such as sadness or fear. What happens? One might explode in a fit of rage when really it is an underlying emotion of unresolved grief. There is also more subtle signs of anger yet just as damaging such as passive aggressiveness, gossip, slander, "the silent treatment" and the like.

I was once told by a therapist that when a child is having a tantrum to ask them, "what are afraid of? or "what is making you feel sad?" Anger is a complex emotion, but I believe it boils down to the inner child in us kicking and screaming because we are not getting what we want. There is justified anger as well...from having harm inflicted on yourself or witnessing the abuse of innocent people. I write this as an insight to seek understanding of your loved ones, friends and even ourselves. But, under no circumstances do you have to be subject of anger, violence, hostility or verbal abuse. You can understand it, but your must use your boundaries to protect yourself from it. If it is you that is struggling with anger, do some self seeking and find out why you are so mad. You may need to explore this with a therapist. We all have "triggers." A trigger is a stiumulus that evokes a reaction and/or brings on something that brings on symptoms; this can be someone recovering from addiction, mental illness or trauma. It is worth investigating and digging out the roots of anger. Otherwise, It can take hold of you and keep you imprisoned to feelings of bitternes and resentment. It can even manifest into physical illness, not to mention, destroy your relationships!

I am not a medical doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist but I have learned a few things along my life's journey and career as a life coach. I do know that working one oneself in this area can be the path to freedom. If you understand the brevity of life, you will come to understand that your time is precious. How do you want to spend it? The courage to face yourself will reward you with peace, unbridled love, unleashed genorsity, quality relationships and a life of abudant joy.

You do not have to hide anymore. Go seek out some help. Your enemy likes to keep things hidden. Yet, if you bring yourself and your hurts into the light, your Higher Power (I call Him God,) can heal you from the inside out. NO MORE HIDING.

My name is Jennifer. I am a certified life coach. Yes, I took the classes, but most of my experience has come from my own life experience. It is my joy to watch my clients experience new freedom by learning some good self care, communication skills, boundaries and goal setting.

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