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He's/She's Just Not That Into You!

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

You have probably seen the movie, "He's Just Not That Into You!" If we are honest, most of us can relate the main character who desperately makes a fool out of herself in pursuit of a love connection. I don't consider myself a dating coach by any means. I am fairly new at it myself! A lot has changed and a lot has stayed the same since I was last single. To be honest, all I knew was how to fall in love and get married. It was instant. I figured you know when you know. Before becoming widowed suddenly almost four years ago, I was married for 23 years. When it's good, you want it again, at least in my experience. From dating apps, meet ups to bumping into someone, it's an experience. Then, there's all of the dating advice. Tic Toc dating coaches espouse, "if he/she wanted to they would", "you gotta' play the game", "act uninterested", "don't be so available" and so on and so on. There's the whole cat and mouse chase. Perhaps there is truth to all of it. However, the best I have heard is, "FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE!" Find your interests and hobbies. Fill yourself up with your passions. Pursue your goals and dreams. Practice self love and care. Become what you want to attract. Simultaneously work on those unhealed places in you. Learn how to be vulnerable, transparent and UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU. Ask for accountability with a trusted friend, coach or mentor. (Some of have broken "pickers" and ignore all the red flags.) Find your spiritual center. Learn boundaries. Whether it's a romantic relationships or friendships you are seeking, START WITH YOU! It's not about money, material things, looks or clout. The most attractive thing about a person is confidence. CONFIDENCE HITS DIFFERENT. Let's work on finding you...beautiful, magical you! Let's work on your #goals ...and, soon you will attract your special kind of a good way. In the meantime, you will start to fall in love with you!!!

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