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Happy HEALTHY Holidays!

People to see, places to go and things to do.

To encourage your holiday peace and joy, here are some loving reminders and ideas from your coach:

*Limit your expectations of others.

*Stay current and conscious. Before your take that impulsive bite, tempted to whip out that credit card or text the "ex" just because you are feeling the holiday spirit ask yourself..."how will I feel about this come January?"

*Keep your appointments with your medical doctors and stay up to date with your prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, skincare regimes and beauty treatments.

*Keep your appointments with your recovery sponsors, regular meetings and outreach calls.

*Keep your sessions with your life coach, physical trainer or mentor.

*Walk, exercise, stretch and drink your water.

*Set limits on the time you will spend at holiday gatherings. This includes setting boundaries with emotionally unsafe people in your life.

*Keep your commitment to attend your spiritual place of worship and practice your faith.

*Continue to write down and post your goals where you can see them. You do not need to wait to make New Year's resolutions. Start now!

*If you are in a season of grieving, or in a painful relationship, difficult situation or feel lonely, don't be alone. Reach out for support.

*If you do go, remember to pick a "DD" (designated driver) or call an Uber. No excuses!

*Wash your hands. COVID isn't going away. This is also flu season.

* Keep it simple and have fun.

*Research and prepare healthy holiday recipes. Check out the kiwi pomegranate tree.

*Grab your favorite drink and drive to see holiday lights.

*Make homemade gifts. Here's a sweet and calorie free recipe I have been making and giving for years. I can't give you my secret ingredient :) but here's a start:

Homemade Body Scrub:

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup of any carrier or emollient oil

1 tsp combined of fragrance and/or essential oil

Mix well and put in an airtight container. Use it yourself or give as a gift.

*Make coupons to give gifts of your time for handy man/handy woman services for household repairs or cleaning services. (Santa please bring me this! You have no idea how helpful this is for the single working mom or dad.)

*Be of service. There are so many needs and opportunities.

*Write handwritten encouragement cards.

*Donate your gently used clothing and items to thrift store that support recovery centers and homeless shelters. (Some of my favorites are Hope of the Valley and The Salvation Army.)

*Donate your gently used towels to your local animal shelter.

*Visit your local nursing home. Call ahead to ask if you may visit.

*Give yourself a gift of time to do absolutely nothing, rest, watch a silly holiday movie and stay in your pajamas all day.

*Pick up the phone and call someone. Do not talk about yourself. Ask how the other person is doing. The best gift you can give is your time and undivided attention.

If you need mental health resources or referrals for therapists, I know some of the best who can meet you online and/or in person. I am also offering gift certificates if you want to bless someone with a coaching session.

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