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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

And then it happens. One day, you decide you can't do it anymore on your own. You have tried every person, place or thing...looking for a solution to your struggle. You hit rock bottom or decide you are "sick and tired of feeling sick and tired." You have tried doing it your way, but it isn't working. That's when you hold up the white flag of surrender. The day you give up the war within yourself is a step towards freedom, peace, healing, reconciliation and ultimately a life of acceptance and serenity. None of us can do it alone. First there is a conversation with God, then prayers for Him to lead you to safe and trusted people to share your life with. So many people I have worked with as clients and others who are leaders, executives or people have been put on a pedestal feel they can't let anyone in. There is no shame in finding someone outside yourself to speak into your life such as a mentor, therapist, coach or even a good friend. (Just because I am a Life Coach doesn't mean I have it all together in every area of my life. I too, have had to ask someone to come along side me.) If this is you, you do not have to carry the burden alone or pretend like everything is perfect. It is okay that you have many strengths in lots of areas in your life, and one glaring weakness you cannot manage on your own. Reaching out, sharing transparently will only make you feel less alone and more human. Guess what? You will find out that others are or have gone through similar things. Let go. End the war. Hold up the white flag of surrender. There will be tears, regrets, feelings of grief and disappointment, but remember the first step to overcoming a challenge is to admit there is a problem. There is so much help and hope available. Start today. Life and love, abundance and true joy await you.

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