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Death Woke Me...

My name is Jennifer Snyder. I am a Certified Life Coach, Mental Health Advocate, Grief Educator, Widow and Single Mom to two awesome kids...and not necessarily in that order. I specialize in personal growth development. Quite simply...I help people break through obstacles that stand in the way of one's fullest potential in any area of life. I believe it's never to late to change, to grow and to live unapologetically free! We all have a story and here is mine in short. I was married for 23 years when I lost my husband suddenly without warning. I became a widow, and single mom to two teenagers within minutes. I was paralyzed. Crushed by excrutiating pain and gripping fear, life as I knew it was over. Somehow, adrenalin and reality kicked in. I became hauntingly aware of the brevity of life. I also became keenly aware of the preciousness of time. Through grief and my personal faith...outrageous faith, my late husband's sudden departure woke me. I had a decision to make. Do I want to get bitter or get better? I vowed to get better and to encourage people along the way. I decided to share my life's experiences to urge others to see that the time is now! If you knew you only had a short time left, how would you spend it? Would you knock off some of those bucket list items? Forgive someone? Pursue that hobby? Write that book? Change careers? Start a recovery program? Whatever your goals are, I can help. I would love to come alongside of you to spur you on. What makes me a great Life Coach is that I know how to take a large problem or endeavor and turn it into small doable steps. You see, I had to learn how to live all over again. In the early stages of grief recovery, my first accomplishment was to get out of bed. Day by day, week by week I was able to do a little more. And, here I am, alive and grateful. Death woke every way. I began to appreciate each moment, give it all I've got, make it count and I think you should too! The time is now. The best is yet to come! #letsgetit #thetimeisnow

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