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Can We Talk?

Communication skills. Not everyone has the gift of "gab"...especially after being on lock down, forced to artificial interaction and "zooming" throughout most of the pandemic. Texting and dropping in the "dm" on social media have become the norm. Social anxiety has crept in. How do we get back? How do we have natural and organic conversations? The most common question I get is, "What do I say?" My clients and I do a lot of role-playing, rehearsal and script writing. We practice. Remember speed dating? Well, I do this in a group setting by pairing people together with conversation questions. People who once felt shy and apprehensive now can't stop talking once they realize how much they have in common with one another! I also assign real life interaction homework. It's fun! We are made for connection. I dare you to compliment your barista or cashier today. I double dare you to pick up the phone and call someone! What do you say? How about? ...."I just called to say hi!" The rest will flow from there. Just talk to someone today! Chances are they have been wanting to talk to someone too! If a communication class would be beneficial to your organization or you would like one on one coaching, call me up! Can we talk?! I look forward to the conversation.

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