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broken, better and BEAUTIFUL!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

If there is one thing I do as a Life Coach and Mental Health Advocate is "keep it real." Just because I am in this profession doesn't mean I always have it all together. In fact, I struggle just as much as anyone else. Except I may have a few more tools in my toolbox. Life is so challenging at times from the little things to the big things. We do not have to gloss over it, sometimes life sucks! Just say it! It is okay. It will pass. Recently, I was thinking about how "broken-ness" can make us better. My son and I were sitting in the laundromat eating a sandwiche. Our family group chat had been blowing up with frustrations about what to do and how. Within a week, all three of our cars had expensive repairs at the same time. Then, the storm hit, our power went out and the dishwasher flooded. We can not wash dishes or clothes. ( Of course we called for the helpers.) But, in the meantime, we are scooping buckets of water out of the sink and dishwasher and lugging heavy wet clothes to the laudromat. As we were sitting there, I turned to my son in tears and said, "well our stuff is broken but at least we are together!" I wouldn't trade that moment for anything. You see since my husband and my kids' dad passed there have been many moments where we did not know what to do. Our brains were flooded with anxiety and clouded by grief. Everything and every part of our life was broken. Yet in the last 5 years we have been putting pieces of our family back together in a different, but very beautiful way, like a colorful mosiac. Our family has gotten closer as a result of working through all of this. We have each grown individually in ways we could not have grown had we not broke. Each broken piece has become part of the bigger picture. A good friend of mine once said, "wow you didn't ask for it, but challenge accepted." My friends there is opportunity, personal growth, new life and fresh starts through tragedy and just everyday annoyances. I encourage you to use it to learn something and make your life a beautiful piece of art with all the broken and healed parts of you!

*My name is Jennifer. I am a certified life coach. I am a widow and single mom of two college aged kids. Yes, I took the classes but much of what I have learned is through my own hardships, trials and victories. I help people with new beginnings through communication/boundary/life skills to find new hope, freedom, joy and abundance.*

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