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Yikes! The "B" word. When you see the word "boundary" what comes up? Is it, "oh, I am not good at setting boundaries?" Does the word sound restrictive? Maybe, but in fact it is the opposite. Boundaries are a way of defining ourselves, our wants and needs. Do a little soul searching...ask yourself these questions. Fill in the blanks...

This is who I am__________________________________________________________________

This is what I want________________________________________________________________

This is what I will do_______________________________________________________________

This is what I will not do___________________________________________________________

When you have some clarity on this, you can choose for yourself, your joy, your peace and most importantly freedom to be exactly who you are! Authentic, unapologetically you! It takes work and some practice. But, it is worth it. We only get so much time in this life. Don't waste another minute. Yes, we all have to do things we don't like at times, yet there is boundaries within those confines as well. This is about your freedom! Here are some other questions to ask yourself when asked to do something...

Do I have the resources? Is it safe for me? Will it make me better?...


If it is peace, joy and freedom you are seeking, let's talk. Group coaching and individual sessions available. Let me know! I can't wait to see you get free!!!

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