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A Time To Play And A Time To Pay...

There is a time for rest, a time for play and a time for taking a holiday...all are very necessary to have a well balanced life. Then, there's a time to pay the bill. After the holidays we may have racked up some credit card debt or packed on a few extra pounds. Maybe there's projects that got put off, unopened mail, phone calls to make, relationships to repair, etc.,. No shame, it's just time to pay the bill and get back to work! You may ask how I help people as Personal Growth Development Life Coach. Think of me as a co-creater to your dreams and goals, an accountability partner and encourager with a little tough love. My goal is to make you better!

Here are some examples of how I come alongside my clients:

*I am a confidant to working professionals who need their "go to person."

*I am a life skills coach to people in recovery or who have lost a loved one to help set daily/weekly goals for learning to live again and to practice self care.

*I am a safe place for teenagers/college students to process social issues and life's demands during transition from childhood to adulthood.

* I am a communications skills coach to help you learn boundaries, self advocacy and to become the writer of your own scripts!

*I am the foreman (or woman) on the job to hand out the "toolbox" of coping strategies for success. And, some times I am simply that compassionate person to listen. I ask thought provoking questions to help you come to your own conclusions.

*I am accountability partner to help you stay on track with whatever you are working on.

*I help you set the action plan in small doable steps led by you.

Let's get to your goals. Let's get to work and let's get it!

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