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A Little Of My Story...

Everyone has a story and here is a little of mine...

"Every woman should have her own purse." is a phrase at the bottom of a hand painted cup I purchased in a little boutique many years ago. It stuck with me, and I didn't know what it meant for a very long time. I learned the hard and tragic way! When I was younger, I had an exciting career in entertainment and traveled all over the world. It was wonderful. When I had my first baby at 32, I became an at home mama. It was amazing and I devoted my life to them. They are now college age, incredible emerging adults. Yet, I lost myself. My husband start encouraging me to start doing something for me, to get back out there. I started working part time at my kids' private school and inadvertently became a teacher. One day at lunch, the ladies were talking about how important it is for a woman to be independent just in case something happened to their husband so they could be self-supporting. Those comments gave me that sick sinking feeling because somehow, I knew. Just a few years later the "just in case", unthinkable and unbearable happened! My husband went for a jog with our dogs and died instantly. Just like that, I became a widow and single mom in a moment. 25 years was gone, just like that! I was completely dependent on him. My job wasn't enough to sustain us. I didn't feel equipped to lead my family. It was terrifying. Loving friends and family came alongside of me in many ways, and I am so grateful. I spent hours with my pastor, not discussing the "why?" but the "what I am going to do with this?" I had been serving as lay counselor, women's group leader, in ministry for years. It was time to turn my talents and gifts into a marketable skill and make official what I have been doing for years. I became a Certified Life Coach, and I am helping others to breakthrough barriers! In some ways, I have been given a gift...because death woke me! My husband's sudden death woke me up to the fact that life is precious. It made me focus and learn many lessons I couldn't have learned any other way. The grief journey is a moving forward yet living with a pain that lingers that can also empower. Many women will still say to me, "I don't know what I'd do in your situation." I have done many brave things since his passing. I've worked, I've hustled, I have re-invented myself. I have been single mom to two teenagers through the loss of their father and pillar of strength. I have dated. I have traveled. I have written, I have spoken to groups. I got my kids off to college to pursue their dreams. I have grown a large circle of friends from all walks of life. I enjoy unwrapping the precious gift of life every day!

As a Life Coach, I believe my job is to empower people to start where they are at and get up again! Tragedy transformed me. That's just my story. I consider myself a prisoner of hope and possibility dealer. If you woke up, there is a still a plan and purpose for your life! What's your story? Want to write the next chapter? Let's talk about your dreams and goals.

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