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A conversation about compromise...

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

with Cynthia Weston, LMFT and Jennifer Snyder, CLC

A conversation between a therapist and life coach, two women on an journey of empowerment.

The other day we were having a conversation about that feeling you feel when you aren't true to yourself. I said, "You know when you walk away from a conversation or interaction with someone, and you didn't speak up? Or maybe you emotionally gave too much?" It's like an unbalanced energy transaction. How about when you just didn't tell the truth about who you really are, what you believe or what you stand for because of the fear of rejection? It feels fraudulent. I went on to share that I am trying to empower others to live unapologetically. When it comes to faith, lifestyles, politics or preferences that are not my own, I peacefully accept and embrace all. But I am not willing to change who I am to "make nice" or fit in. As I was talking, I still couldn't exactly put my finger on this feeling or the word I was trying to communicate and Cynthia said, "it is compromise." Here's what she had to say...

"Compromising who we are...for fear of being rejected. It sometimes seems as we grow more in depth, there are places within our being we need to risk “standing for our truth.” This action can feel very scary as it is not a familiar place that we have experienced before. “Being” in that moment can feel lonely. The compromise only keeps us stuck in complacency, mediocracy, regret and frustration. The risk of sharing our true self, beliefs, understanding even if it does not align with those in our circle will ignite compassion and acceptance from those around us or close a door that may have been ready to shut earlier. There is a grieving process when relationships no longer connect as they once did. The gift ahead is new insights, highlights and discoveries are waiting when committing to your truth without the compromise. " -Cynthia

Personal growth is an ongoing process of willingness to become transparent and vulnerable to become authentically you. It takes courage, self love and time. Who are you? It is worth figuring it out.

Stay tuned for upcoming retreats led by Cynthia and Jennifer. In the meantime, you can find Cynthia on her website and in Divorcing Well Magazine.

Cynthia Weston, LMFT

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