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I wish I could tell you we just wake up and know exactly what to do change our life for the better. Many people do. There are many that learn from examples of what not to do or they have had good role models. The path is clear. They set goals and take the steps to get where they want to be. This is awesome. And... success can also be learned the hard way. It takes what it takes. Long before the tragedy of losing my husband there were challenges and patterns I learned and had to un-learn from growing up with a single mom and addicted dad. We all have our story. Sometimes pain that is either imposed on us by others or self-inflicted can be the best motivator. Are you "tired of being sick and tired?" Are you discouraged because you fall back on unhealthy behaviors or relationships over and over? If you are in pain, instead of resigning to thinking, "oh this is just how I am" or "this is what I always do!" NO! At any given moment you can make the change. If you are still here, there is a plan and purpose for your life. You are not too broken, too old, too young, too stuck in your ways or too anything to try again. You can change if you want to! If you find yourself in a dark place or feel there is no way out, I am here to tell you we are living in a time where there is so much help available for whatever your issues are. (I can give you resources, just ask.) But the change must start in our mind. It starts with our thinking. Maybe even reading this has changed your mind and made you realize there is hope. You can allow your pain can be the catalyst for change. Your pain can push you to edge where you finally say, "I do not want to do this anymore." Do not beat yourself up for the powerlessness, shame, pain or guilt you may feel for where you are at. Use it to your advantage. This is when there is most hope for a new life! As a life coach, one of the most exciting things for me is to see people get free! I love to see the lights go on and the "aha" moment when people realize they can change. One small step in the right direction sets things in motion. Pick one area of your life that feels miserable and ask for help. This can be your new beginning. YOUR LIFE CAN CHANGE TODAY! Your pain can lead to your passion, possibilities and purpose!!!

*My name is Jennifer Snyder. I am a certified life coach. Take it from me. I started over at 49 years old. I have made some of my most positive changes from a place of pain and powerlessness. If this is you, let me know how I can help.*

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