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So good and so true. Parents, do you remember all of the baby books that told you what your baby should be doing and when? Or the monthly doctor visits that measured their growth based on percentiles? Elementary school through high school...your child is supposed to meet up with the "state standards" as to what they should know and when. It would be nice if it was that easy. But people do not always follow the world's expected timeline. This follows us through adulthood. Graduation, college, get a car, get married, get a house, have some kids, etc. Wonderful. Yet, if some do not have it in this order, people start to feel lack, a sense of discouragement and failure if it doesn't exactly go that way.

I once heard a speaker sharing their story about weight loss. To look at the person one, might have a judgment about their appearance. But, that person had already lost 100lbs! We just can't judge a person's progress because we do not know where they started. Hurry up. Slow down. Do this. Do that. Do it this way or that way. Says, "who?" The opposite is also true. Some people are way ahead of themselves and feel trapped by "the norm." There are students that feel trapped inside classrooms because their mind is advanced beyond the information being provided. They might also be the kids that feel like they do not fit in with their peers and can not wait to get out of school. Timing is everything and it is individual.

We all come to this life with our own lessons to learn and challenges to overcome. On the path to success, there can be many delays, derailments, mistakes or even just lack of readiness. Yesterday, I met an older lady working at a coffee shop. She was new and overwhelmed in the training process. I could see her younger coworkers being impatient. We shared a few words. She told me she was once an executive but had a nervous breakdown and now here she is working in coffee shop. One can look at her and determine her success with the fact that she has survived and she is doing what she has to do to provide for her family. I was so proud of her courage, humility and strength!

A word of encouragement. Set goals. Set doable goals for yourself while keeping in mind the resources you have available at the moment. There may be mental, physical, emotional, financial, time, distance or space limitations slowing down your progress. You will get there when you get there. Just do not give up on yourselves and others! And enjoy the process, all of the people and lessons you learn along the way. Remember this, sometimes your set back is really your set up for success! Some things can only be learned through diversity.

*My name is Jennifer. I am a Life Coach. I am the mother of two bad a$$ kids in college. I started over at 49 years old after the sudden passing of my husband. I am an Executive Assistant in music production by day and see clients evenings/weekends. I have all the "shoulds" put on me too. But guess what? I am about to turn 54 and I am just getting started! *

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