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Cliffhanger. When your story has more questions than answers and you do not know how it's going to end or be resolved, the suspense is either terrifying or exhilirating. So it is with our lives sometimes. There are times when we are standing on the edge vascillating between fear and faith. We may barely be hanging on. The anxiety is exhausting and you may feel like giving up, but this is when we must reach down deep into an indomitable inner strength. It might be a strength you never knew you had until you are forced to exercise it. But, none of us can do it alone. You need a safety net.

Challenging times call for strategies, support and tools. Here are some ideas:

REACH OUT to your faith community. It's been said that "faith is capitalizing on the belief of others." There is strength in numbers. When your faith is weak, rely on others to believe and pray for you!

TAKE ACTION. Research your resources. You may need an expert to help guide through your specific situation. Perhaps it is a doctor, therapist, coach, mentor or attorney. It could be a mechanic or handy person. Look for the helpers!

TALK TO SOMEONE. Often times speaking your truth in a safe place takes the power out of the overwhelming emotions and thoughts running through your head. You will no longer feel so alone once you realize others have experienced similar things.

SELF CARE. Take a deep breathe, slow down and ask yourself, "WHAT DO I NEED RIGHT NOW?" OR....maybe you just need...

A GOOD FRIEND. Call that no-matter-what-friend to come along side you to grieve with you. Sometimes we just need to be completely transparent and brutally honest about the reality of the situation. It could be going for a walk or watching a movie to take your mind off it. Maybe it's is good therapy!

Whatever the outcome, the ending of the story just very well may be a new beginning. The experience you gained on the edge of that cliff may be the courage you need for the next story. With new perspective you can flip the script and live your adventure.

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